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Product availability

Engineered Wood Flooring Guys products are available in all our branches and offices in the region. Our products are only available for people living within this area. Every year, Engineered Wood Flooring Guys develops and introduces new concepts, products, materials and production systems, but maintain the same quality and durability. If you live in the region and you cannot access our products, call us on 888-413-4468 and place an order for the products that you need and we will deliver the products at your desired destination.


Our reputation

Engineered Wood Flooring Guys has been in the industry for several years serving many clients and businesses in the region. Our reputation has grown due to the quality of services and products we deliver to our clients. We get numerous referrals from our customers many who are amazed by our professionalism in delivering the services. You can be one of our happy and satisfied clients today by trying out our services and products. We request for feedback from our customers so as to be able to gauge our products and services. This helps us to improve the quality of our products and services and correct any faults that might be involved in delivery of our services or products.


Engineered wood flooring installation

We offer affordable engineered wood flooring installation for both commercial and residential purposes. Our engineered wood flooring installation services are carried out by trained and certified engineered wood flooring builders who have been in the industry for a long time. They are therefore savvy on what is needed to have a strong, low maintenance and strong engineered wood floor that will not only make your home look great but also serve you for a longer period of time. Call us on 888-413-4468 for more information about our products.

For these and any other such services, please contact Engineered Wood Flooring Guys on 888-413-4468.

When installing the engineered wood flooring or providing repair and renovation services, our experts will come with all the needed tools and materials. Our drivers will safely drive to your premises and carefully park the truck carrying the material and tools needed to carry out the services. Engineered Wood Flooring Guys installation experts and repair team will then get started with the work and effectively and professionally install or repair the engineered wood floor of your home or business.

Engineered wood installation and repair charges

Our engineered wood flooring services charges vary depending with the size of the area being installed and the floor design being used. There are many engineered wood flooring designs available today that you can use; however, some designs are more difficult to install as compared to others thus they might cost a higher price than usual. On the other hand Engineered Wood Flooring Guys repair and renovation services charges may also vary depending on the part of the floor being repaired and whether you already have the material needed or you want us to use our material to do the repair and renovation of the engineered wood floor. Call us on 888-413-4468 for more information about our products and services. We will be glad to serve you and ensure you get quality engineered wood flooring.

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